Just My Opinion…Shoe Stacker

When something in the organizing world is new everyone wants to know my thoughts. I decided when I try something I would review it and let you know my opinion and experience with the product. Remember its just my opinion.

Todays review is on the shoe stacker. Although I found the concept interesting I actual wanted to see the how sturdy they were and in what way I would find these functional for my clients.

First of all I have to say if you really purge the shoes you don’t love, wear or need you may not even need these but that is the clutter clearing expert in me coming out.

My client already owned these when she hired me to organize her closet so I thought it was the perfect time to ask her opinion. She said they weren’t very sturdy and the shoes fell off quite a bit.

There were so many they just screamed clutter. Since she wasn’t happy with them, we agreed not to use them.

I found them to be very wobbly and when we pulled one shoe off the stacker the one next to it fell off.

In my opinion these would work best in a tight space such as a dorm room or in a room that lacked sufficient closet space. I thought they were a bit pricey and would have to love these to buy more than one.

By the way after purging her shoes we actually didn’t need these anymore so there is something to be said for clearing the clutter then buying items to organize.

Keep checking back for reviews!












Organizing Find Of The Week | RHTEEN


This weeks find is from Restoration Hardware’s newest addition RHteen.

I love the simplicity of this new closet system. You can use them as a set or individually to fit all your closet needs.

There is more to see here but these were just some of my favorites!

All photos via Restoration Hardware


Clear The Clutter And Enjoy Your New Space

On of my latest discoveries through Instagram and YouTube is makeup and fashion guru Lisa Duncan. Her YouTube channel is on my weekly must watch list.

Her reviews on hair, makeup and fashion are not only honest but her southern accent makes you feel like you are sitting at her house drinking a glass of sweet tea.

This video is about the transformation of her FROG room(finished room above the garage). Her step by step description of what it took to transform the room was so perfect I had to share!

The room use to be her kids playroom and a sewing room but as they grew it had become a catchall for everyones unused junk.

It had been bothering her for awhile but everytime she went up there she dreaded the thought of having to tackle it and knew it would be a tough job. Most people share this feeling when they have just one room in their house that makes them crazy!

In her video you will hear her explain step by step the process she went through in one week to gain a brand new space to call her own.

Step 1 Call 1-800-GOTJUNK. She said it was the easiest transaction and well worth the money. She called on a Sunday and they came on a Monday.

They took all her unwanted items including old exercise equipment and moved what she was keeping but did not belong in the FROG room downstairs. Anything you do not have to move yourself is an added bonus!

Step 2 Replaced the carpet with a remnant piece from a local carpet store. Remnants save you money!

Step 3 Called her local Sherwin Williams store to get the name of a painter to paint the room. A fresh coat of paint is the easiest way to transform a room.

Step 4 Numerous trips to Goodwill and the Thrift Store. 

Now that the room is empty, new carpet and new paint she sits in the empty space and admits to being thoroughly exhausted. I hear that from many of my clients when we complete a project.

It takes mental and physical energy to clear the clutter. You have to have a goal in mind and see it though to the end.

Lisa shows in this video the effort and motivation it takes to transform a space in one week.

It is never easy while you are going through it but the end result is worth all of the effort!