Organize This: Flip Flops

I know it is hard to imagine wearing flip flops with the horrible winter we have had this year but now is the perfect time to get your closet organized for Spring while you are stuck inside.

IMG_0501One way I like organize flip flops and sandals is using a basket. The flip flops should be stacked to take up less space and easily assessable so you can slide the basket off the shelf with ease.

IMG_0502Keeping a basket for flip flops is also ideal for mudrooms, garages and kids closets. Living in a beach community I know the amount of flip flops that can accumulate and take over our shoe wardrobe.  Placing them in baskets not only keeps them organized but frees up valuable shoe space.

Organize This: Crystal And China

A common clutter problem in many households is the amount of china and crystal people own verses the amount of space they have to store them. People generally receive china and crystal for wedding gifts or inherit it from family members. Excess china and crystal go under the category of sentimental clutter. It is always so hard to get rid of something that holds memories or belonged to someone you love. By keeping them in boxes stored in a garage or a guest bedroom closet you are taking up valuable real estate in your home for items you never use. If you love something display it and enjoy it. Cabinets with glass fronts are not only beautiful but they allow you to walk by and enjoy the items you love everyday. Display similar items together for a less cluttered look.

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Use your crystal and china. Do not save it just for special occasions. If you have twelve use eight keeping four as your spares if one breaks.

If you absolutely do not want to keep or store any of it look into selling it on Ebay,  Replacements LTD or a reputable antique dealer in your area. Any of these sources give you the information on the value of your china and crystal.

If your grandmothers pink floral china is sitting in boxes because it is not your taste, keep a couple of the bowls and use them to store your favorite jewelry. Take pictures of items that mean something to you. You are letting go of things not memories.

Your memories of someone are in your heart not sitting in a box.


Every woman dreams of her own dressing room.  I had a childhood friend whose mother had the most amazing dressing room. When she would leave the house, we would go in there just to admire the clothes and sit at her dressing table. Any room—even small spaces—can be transformed into your own personal dressing room. A floor length mirror, clothing racks, and an ottoman are just some of the components to a beautiful dressing room.

dressingroom2Framed shopping bags are quick and easy art for a dressing room wall. Different sized trays are great to corral jewelry or display a collection of perfume bottles. These lucite boxes from Design Darling are another option for storage on a dressing room table.


A chandelier always brings glamour to any space. Use shelves and cabinets that can be combined to create a dressing room to fit your needs.

img49opbclosetWall hooks are perfect for hanging purses, jackets or belts. Baskets with or without lids can help keep the room free of clutter.

T_WithoutZoomThe Malm dressing table from Ikea is simple and inexpensive. Add a chair that is an heirloom or a simple Philippe Starck style Ghost Chair to complete the look.

a634b7d130e52603f6dfde3744b77784dressingtable 2Add a beautiful silver framed picture of someone that is special to you and some beautiful flowers and your dressing room will feel like a scene out of a movie. Enjoy your new room!

Photos via Pinterest