5 Easy Tips for a stress free work environment

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One the most popular areas of a home I’m asked to organize is the home office.

Whether you work from home or just want a place to keep your home life organized these five simple tips will help you enjoy a stress free, clutter free place to work.

Clear the clutter

Clearing the clutter should always be the first step. Shred old paperwork and file or scan remaining papers into the computer. If you have a choice when purchasing an item to email or print your receipt choose email. You can make labeled files on your computer to keep you organized in case you need to return an item. It also prevents stacks of paper from accumulating. 

Remove anything that does not belong in the office

Boxes of memorabilia, pet products, old luggage or anything else that doesn’t belong in there move it out. If you are going to store items on shelves in an office closet use containers that are labeled so you can see what you have so you don’t buy more.

Pick a color scheme

White always looks neat, clean and calming so its my first choice when styling an office.  Whether your renovating your office or starting from scratch it’s helpful to keep the colors simple. It prevents your work space from looking to busy.

Keep it simple

Many people over think office products and accessories and the room quickly becomes cluttered. Simplify what you need and use. If  your office space is not free of clutter you will not want to work in there and your kitchen table becomes your new office.

Utilize the office closet

Do you need a file cabinet? Shelving? Make the space fit your needs. When you remove and purge everything from a small closet you will be surprised how much space you really have.

“It’s never about having enough space its having too much stuff in the space”


Get Organized Before Tax Time


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Tax time is around the corner and there is no time like the present to clear the paper clutter and get organized.

The key to an organized office is to have a file system that works for you. My favorite go to item when organizing a clients office is a desktop file box with hanging files (white are my favorite).

Keep all the files that you need to access on a regular basis at your fingertips. They are not only functional but they look good when they are displayed on a desk or a shelf. 

Use the desk top file box for everyday tasks, weekly filing of household bills, managing clients paperwork or staying on top of  kids school papers. No more unattractive large filing cabinets are needed in order to get you organized.

Remember to shred old paperwork and file only what you need. If you aren’t sure what to keep this is a good resource.

Staying on top of filing prevents last minute panic when you are trying to find important papers.


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My Favorites To Get Your Office Organized

One of the most requested areas I am asked to organize is the home office. The first thing I notice as an organizer is the room has become a catchall for anything that does not have a home in the house. Stacks of papers are piled with good intentions to file but there is not a good filing system in place to prevent piles from forming. Like things are not together and there are so many items in the office that are never used that are taking up valuable space.

This week on River City Live I talked about some of my favorite things to organize an office and where to begin especially when you are overwhelmed.



This file box from Russell + Hazel is perfect for a desk top, credenza or shelf. Its not too big but large enough to hold all your files. I love acrylic accessories because they are functional and look great.


These white file folders are my go to especially when using acrylic file boxes. They give your office a neat clean look. They are hard to find so when I do find them I stock up.


Anyone that has read my prior blogs knows I am a Post It note fan. I love an office with white accessories so when I found these in white I was thrilled. I order these on Amazon because they are not found in most office supply stores.


Many of my clients are juggling a home business as well as running a home from one office. A collator keeps everything you need at your fingertips so you are not spending valuable time searching for important folders. 


If you are going to leave items out on your desk make sure it is something you use on a regular basis. This tape dispenser is one of my favorites. 


I can talk about labels makers all day because it is an invaluable tool to keep you organized. When you put things in boxes or containers and don’t label them you forget what you have and you buy more. Labeling saves money and time. Many of my clients buy label makers after they see me use mine and the feedback is always “how did I live without this”. 


 This is been an staple item I use when organizing home offices and I own one myself. I love this for small spaces because you can roll it into a closet or under a desk when you are not using it. The drawers keep all of your office supplies right where you need them which saves time.


 I use file boxes in an office for notepads, greeting cards, gift wrap and other items that you do not use on a regular basis but need organized. These Martha Stewart simple white boxes will get you organized and will look good stacked on a shelf. I label the outside of the boxes with these labels because if you don’t know what is in them you forget what you have and buy more. Sorry I had to say it again!