Ridding Yourself Of Online Litter


It use to be the paper mail coming to your house that became stacks of clutter but now with computers taking over the way most people receive their mail it is email that is becoming overwhelming. In this article from MORE magazine they give you 20 Quick And Easy Ways To Organize Your Email. Start with these three simple tips to clean up the daily e-mail chaos.


As newsletters pile up, your response may be to delete them without reading. If you find that you keep doing this, take an extra second to open the message and unsubscribe. You’ll be taken to a site where you confirm that you no longer want to be a recipient and the sender’s email will stop showing up in your inbox

Take Out The Trash

The easiest way to de-clutter your inbox is to delete e-mail you no longer need like daily newsletters, meeting notices or spam. One message deleted is one less that needs filing and you will then find what you’re looking for that much faster.

Merge Accounts

If you choose to keep multiple e-mail accounts active at once, you can still opt to have the mail forwarded to the same inbox. For instance, if you have a Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail account, the mail from all these accounts can be delivered to the same inbox to keep it all in one place.

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