Organize This: Blow Dryer

72b263a36823bf06eef934e69fb9bbf6The blow dryer. I have a love-hate relationship with it. I love it when someone else is using it on my hair and I hate it when I have to use it on my own hair. (See my photo for long, thick hair.) We all own one, and we all use it everyday even if it’s to blow dry the bangs you just cut that you now regret.

organizeeverythingdoordyersHow do you store it? There are many different ways to store a blow dryer depending on space. I prefer to put it in a drawer or cabinet so that it is out of sight but accessible for everyday use. Adding a hidden plug in a cabinet or drawer is ideal if you are renovating or building. There are countertop options that you can place in a cabinet, on a counter, on a wall or hang it from a towel bar. A hair dryer holster is another option. Easy to install and allows you to simply slip the nozzle into the ring and avoid the tangled cords.

728a1aeac3ef460ead617733d5f3a006Blow dryers take up valuable space and even the neatest counters look cluttered if a blow dryer is not put away. Choose an option that works for you and your space. Everything should have a place and that includes your blow dryer.

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