Inside Castello Di Reschio

Finally getting over the jet lag and trying to get back to my normal routine. Here are just some of the interior photos as promised from the Palazzo at the Castello Di Reschio Estate.

According to the website the ancient estate of Reschio stretches over thousands of acres of oak forests and olive groves in the Umbrian hills. With one of Europe’s finest stables at its heart, Reschio is home to the Bolza family who, over the last twenty years, have been restoring its secluded ancient Umbrian farmhouses into masterpieces of contemporary architecture and design. palazzo3stairsThe stone spiral staircase with iron railings were just one of many architectural features that I loved in this house.palazzo1This is one of three sitting rooms in the home. There were so many windows and doors throughout the house which made for fantastic views and I really enjoyed the breezy, cooler evening air which we do not have in Florida during the summer. palazzo41diningThe dining room was elegantly simple with one of the most beautiful chandeliers to light the room perfectly at night. The mirror in the dining room was like looking at a piece of art under the detailed ceiling. IMG_0986 IMG_0880I especially loved the idea that something as simple as cutting off olive branches and putting them in baskets and vases throughout the house made each room feel complete. IMG_0996High ceilings with no upper cabinets made the kitchen feel spacious and simple. It was the gathering place in the mornings for all of our amazing breakfasts and many cups of Italian coffee. The tile backsplash behind the stove and the beautiful hearth were just what you thought a house in tuscany would look like.palazzokitchenIMG_0987This door was one of my favorites. It was located in the dining room and housed all of the homes electronics. The casing around the door was stone with a painted a grey finish.

IMG_0963The fireplaces in the living rooms were so beautiful even though the weather did not warrant a fire. Although we have gotten accustomed to wood floors I  loved the tile in each room.IMG_0961Of course what kind of professional organizer would I be without showing at least a couple of the closets. I loved the full length mirrored doors with round glass knobs and the use of every ounce of space with built in side and upper shelving.IMG_0957IMG_0966In another room I was particularly drawn to the uniqueness of this lattice closet door.

I will always be so grateful to the wonderful friends who invited me and my husband to share this dream vacation. I hoped you enjoyed sharing my memories of Italy. For more information regarding this fabulous estate go to

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