Clearing The Clutter Video Series…Part 2

Part 2 of this continuing series is the most challenging but rewarding part of Clearing The Clutter.

As you will see in this video Laura Morey from Simple Solutions Diva was ready and excited to start the process but she quickly became anxious and a story was told with each item pleading her case on why it should stay instead of go.

This was something I expected and was prepared for but she was shocked not only by the amount of stuff she she didn’t need or use but the anxiety that set in immediately as we started to go through her things.

There are so many feelings that surface when you start to clear the clutter. Embarrassment, anxiety, guilt, frustration, and exhaustion. You have to motivate yourself to keep going so you can see the end result.

No matter how ready people tell me they are to free themselves of clutter most do not realize how emotional it can be.

In the video I mention how important it is to have an organized friend or a professional help you through this process.

It not only helps to move you along faster but at one point there has to be a voice of reason or you end up keeping everything and you are right back where you started.

Enjoy this weeks video and stay tuned for Part 3.


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