This Week’s Find…TCS Closets

It’s not just a custom closet. It’s an escape to the way things should be.
It’s the promise of an organized life.

The Container Store has recently announced they will be providing the ultimate custom closet experience with the addition of their TCS Closets. The Container Store is already my idea of heaven but now you really can have it all in one place.

You can get all of your questions answered here on the type of product they use, how to get started, lighting, door and drawer styles and much more.

The accessory options are endless.

Now for the downside…currently they only install a TCS Closet if you are within 25 miles of a store that offers the TCS Closet. Kind of makes you want to move.

By the way TCS Closets you had me at it’s the promise of an organized life!

Happy Friday!

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Organizing Find Of The Week week’s Organizing Find is Apparel Tags from Were It Well . These hang tags keep your apparel organized for special events including the accessories you paired it with and when you last wore it.

If you travel frequently or need help getting outfits organized for your upcoming summer vacations these are invaluable.

They are an inexpensive solution to keeping your closet organized and are helpful when changing your clothes from season to season.

My favorite part is when that special outfit gets the check in the perfection box!

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Organizing Find Of The Week (1)

I have been trying to decide lately if I want to return to a paper calendar. One reason I haven’t is because I could not find one that fits all my needs. I think the search may be over.

This Week’s Find is the Simplified Planner from Emily Ley. It’s smaller than the original so it can fit in a purse and a new page design that is easy to use and read. The assortment of accessories are an added bonus to an already great design.

Can’t wait to order my new planner and get back to a paper…how I have missed you!

Images via Emily Ley